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Transparent fiber fixer (latex)

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Transparent fiber fixer (latex) for tufting.

  • Without odour and easy to clean with water.
  • Different sizes available.
  • Transparent.
  • Vertical application without drop or drip.
  • Instructions and advice on use.
10,95 IVA Incluido

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Latex based adhesive with improved characteristics for clean and easy work.


This special fibre fixer for tufting is characterised by the absence of odour, which makes it possible to use it indoors. As well as its unique thixotropic texture (it does not hang down), formulated to make vertical applications as easy as possible and maximise our work space by being able to leave the frame drying vertically without having to take up space on the floor and being able to continue with other work.

Available in different sizes. The amounts have been designed both for those who only need to do individual or contract work, as well as for established workshops that need to save on costs.

(20Kg format needs special order, please contact [email protected])

This fixative is indispensable to be able to give the intermediate step with a professional finish to your carpet, it is able to fix the fibres created with our tufting gun in an intermediate way. TRANSPARENT Primary fabric as a highly attractive final finish, as any excess glue becomes transparent once dry.

For the use of this fixer it is necessary to use special 2in1 tufting adhesive as a final layer to give strength and structure to the piece by applying the secondary fabric and fixing it with the same..

USE OF THE CLEAR FIBRE FIXER (latex) SAVES COST BY REDUCING THE USE OF2in1 special tufting adhesive which otherwise would have to be applied in 2 coats.


We recommend applying it with a spatula, as the material will spread more easily and we will be able to make better use of it. As it is a chemical product, it must always be handled with gloves.



Before applying the fixer, it is recommended to remove any remaining threads that may be badly woven, cut off any excess and, if necessary, delimit areas with masking tape.

Once the area to be worked on has been cleaned, take the necessary amount and spread it with a spatula so that the adhesive penetrates and soaks all the fibres and the primary fabric. It is advisable to weave in the direction of weaving to avoid pulling out tufts

The fixer has a complete drying time of approximately 5 to 12 hours, depending on the amount of adhesive applied.. Usually in a dry climate at 25°C it is ready to apply the 2in1 Special Tufting Adhesive in about 3-5 hours. It is preferable not to remove the fabric from the frame until the secondary fabric has been applied.

THIS PRODUCT IS EASY TO CLEAN (preferably with hot water).
In case of soiling, rub with warm water as soon as possible.

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