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Contact adhesive spray

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Contact adhesive spray

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Contact adhesive spray 500ml.

Speed up your work with this contact glue in spray format and make the job of finishing your carpets easier, cleaner and more practical.

Thanks to its dispersed spray application, it is easy and clean to apply.

Specially designed nozzle, which creates an application with a fan of about 12cm, we can direct the product to the part we want, avoiding wasting product and achieving a precision application.

In addition, its nozzle is adjustable in the angle of exit, so it allows you to make the application stroke both vertically, horizontally and at an angle, adapting to the working method of each craftsman.


In spite of being a contact glue, it has very little odour, and can be used in more “domestic” spaces where we have the workshop, such as in the same house and without good ventilation. However, we must not forget that it is a chemical product with solvents with gas under pressure, and for this reason we recommend its use outdoors or in places with good ventilation.

This contact glue is perfect for finishing and fixing the edges of the carpet to the back of the carpet.

Available in sets of several units to save money.


Once the carpet is finished, the secondary fabric is laid and dried. Cut the piece leaving a margin of about 10cm of fabric or as desired. Apply a couple of generous strokes of the product on the edges of the fabric and the proportional distance towards the inside of the carpet (distance of about 15-20cm) and wait 1 MINUTE. After this time, apply a second coat to achieve a strong and durable bond. Allow to dry for at least 1 more MINUTE and fold the fabric inwards, pressing and ensuring contact between the two surfaces to be joined. We finish off the corners or curves with cuts so that they are perfect and we will have our edges fixed and finished.

Bonding is almost instantaneous, but it is recommended to allow at least 12 hours to dry before handling the carpet again.


In case of staining, clean up as soon as possible.



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