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Materials needed to start

We can make rugs in many different ways and with many different materials, but here we will review all the necessary elements that are essential when creating your own rug and practising tufting.

First of all, we need a place where we can work comfortably, where there is enough space to move around easily, because in a small space we will end up being uncomfortable. This is very important, because if we find ourselves in a space where we are not comfortable, we will not work well either.

Of course, we will need our tufting machine which will be the main tool of our project. Our tufting machine can be either a cutting or a looping machine, and we will select it based on the type of style we want to give to our carpets. You can learn about the differences between both machines in our post Cutting or looping machine?

It is essential to have a frame, this will be the support for our fabric and our work. It must be rigid and stable, as it will be key for our carpet and our fabric to be perfect and for us to be able to work comfortably. There are different options, bigger and smaller, with legs or without them… we have to think beforehand which one best suits our work space. Together with the frame will be the tensioning strips, these will ensure that our fabric is well stretched and fastened to the frame.

One key thing to pay special attention to is the fabric. There are a variety of fabrics with which you can begin to practice, but we recommend using a specific fabric for tufting and quality, because if we use other fabrics, such as the commonly known as panama, it will break easily and cause holes in our design, making it very difficult to weave and finish our carpet. Choosing well will save us a lot of time and avoid certain frustrations.

We will also need wool, which will be the material with which we will weave. This can be of different materials, such as natural or acrylic. The same as the fabrics, they can be of different qualities, being the lowest quality ones the ones that will not give you the result you expect. The ideal thickness is between 3 and 4.5, this will make our carpet more fluffy and beautiful and it will not get stuck in our machine.  

As complements to give a better finish we will need scissors to outline the threads of our carpet, tweezers, threader, special adhesive, secondary fabric, felt-tip pen and a projector to make your design.

Last but not least, a shearing machine is used to even out any parts that may have become uneven.

To make your work easier, we have chosen what we consider to be the best materials to work comfortably and with quality. You can find all the materials on our website.

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