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The kit consists of:

  • AK-I Cutting, AK-II Loop or 2 in 1 tufting machine.
  • 1,50×5,15m of primary grey fabric 60/60 (225g/m2) or primary white fabric 70/70 (265g/m2).
  • 1,50×5,15m of secondary fabric.
  • 2 in 1 special tufting adhesive 5kg.
  • 6 acrylic wool cones.
  • Option with and without frame with legs 150x150cm.
Please indicate the desired colours of the acrylic wool cones in the order form, otherwise random colours will be sent.

The option with frame is not available for immediate delivery. It will be shipped within 2-4 working days after the order is placed due to manufacturing time. Due to shortage of materials for the production of the frames, delivery may be delayed.

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Get started in tufting with this kit where you will find everything you need to get started.


The tufting gun par excellence is here, in this kit. Choose your cut or loop machine and get into tufting with the AK-I cut machine or the AK-II loop machine.

In it you will find 60/60 primary grey fabric (225g/m2). With this fabric tufting is wonderful. This is a special fabric for tufting. Being of polyester composition it has the perfect strength to use your tufting gun. With white guides every 50 cm, it is ideal for both practice and professional tufting.

In this pack you will also find 100% cotton secondary fabric. This fabric is indispensable to give a professional finish to our rugs. Used together with the special 2 in 1 tufting adhesive, it will give structural strength and firmness to our rug.

The 2 in 1 special tufting adhesive is also included in this pack. With it you can give the final touch to your work and rugs. The rubberised finish ensures that the mat does not slide easily, thus preventing slips and falls. We will use this special tufting adhesive to fix all the threads and to add the secondary fabric. And in this kit we include 5 kg of adhesive so you’ll never be short of it.

This kit includes 6cones of 100% acrylic wool. Choose the variety of cones you want for your designs and start knitting with this wonderful material. Already in cone so that the thread exit is more agile, we avoid more traffic jams and facilitate tufting. When you try the 100% acrylic wool cones of national origin you will not try any other.

Choose whether you want your kit with or without frame. With this kit you can include the 150x150cm handmade frame with legs. This product includes the tufting grips, as well as all the screws, brackets, cone support and thread exit guide. Due to its dimensions, the product is shipped disassembled and pre-assembled with the necessary materials for quick assembly.

So, ready to start tufting?

Please indicate the desired colours of the acrylic wool cones in the order form, otherwise random colours will be sent.


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